Saturday, 12 May 2012

I Will Survive (A Poem)

It grips ever so tight
It has me in a vice
Like a mouse
Caught by surprise
By a cat that was just lurking outside
Depression grips me and won't let go
A forced smile comes out wrong
Like my brain is not in control
Lead in my stomach is dragging me down
I'm in a vortex about to drown
But I don't give up
Force the wrong smile on
Force my brain in control
Roll my shoulders up
Puff my chest out
The lead won't drag me down
I swim against the tide
Determined to survive
Depression will not get the best of me
Because even a mouse caught by surprise
Can run and hide
And with this determination I carry on
Until the sun shines and I am not sad anymore

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Stories from the abyss of my imagination has just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, so a BIG thank you to Sania from Embracing Dawn!!!!
I really appreciate the nomination and I am super excited to nominate 15 blogs but i actually only have 3 new ones I enjoy, so here we go:


1. Embracing Dawn
2. Make-up by Bextacy
3. Short Motivational Stories

7 Facts about me:


1. I love to write
2. Cooking relaxes me
3. I am in LOVE with Galaxy Cookie Crumble
4. I am obsessed with make up and nail varnishes
5. I wish I could wear heels everyday but sadly I don't have the greatest sense of balance 
6. I have a beautiful black and white cat
7. One day I would like to own a black horse

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Tears (A Poem)

I feel them sting my eyes
As a lump starts to materialise
Deep in my throat
And my voice comes out as a croak.
My chest feels tight
And suddenly they flood my eyes,
Slowly caressing my cheeks,
To settle on my lips,
Only to fall again
As a sob escapes.
And once the first one has fallen
There is no going back,
So I let them fall and hope
That instead of years
My pain will be washed away by tears.